Matt Heat Transfer Vinyls

B-FLEX is the premiere choice when it comes to finding the best heat transfer vinyl manufacturer and products near you. B-FLEX is committed to setting a new standard in the industry with our flagship heat transfer vinyl products.

The heat transfer vinyl products offered by B-FLEX are unique and unlike any other vinyl products on the market and will instantly take your business and projects to the next level.

The heat transfer vinyl options offered by B-FLEX are the most durable of any available vinyl products. Instead of thick vinyl with a cheap looking semi-gloss finish, B-FLEX offers thinner vinyl options with matte finish for a more professional and quality look. No matter if you’re a professional or a DIYer, B-Flex’s heat transfer vinyl is simple, and anyone can make creative projects with our flagship vinyl product.

Our lower heat temperatures and high-quality heat transfer vinyl products at B-FLEX allow us to offer clients the best option available regarding heat transfer vinyl. Our heat transfer vinyl will instantly propel your business and projects to the next level. Get rid of the old, outdated vinyl options and start using the best heat transfer vinyl products available at B-FLEX.

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