Clay Pre Order - Production commencing second week of June 2022


As nobody is reading any information that is posted about PRE ORDERS, we will now put a 3rd location for pre order information.

Due to the massive amount of emails asking when they will be ready i feel this is needed.

ALL clay pre orders went into production the second week of June, these are handmade items and all made individually! Amazingly your order was not the only one that is to be completed and we have over 1,000 clays in production for our pre order!

RELAX, your clays will be ready for shipping to Australia the 1st week of AUGUST and then the need to go through the shipping process. There is a risk that your clays could and just might arrive damaged.

After this we will not be doing any further clay pre orders

Standard shipping charges apply :)

The production of clays will begin the second week of June. Once the order is placed we will advise of an estimated turn around from the maker. This will be an estimate and factors like the weather how large (how many clays) the order may be as well as shipping can delay the order, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

Orders will open on Monday 30.05.22 at 9am AEST

No extra clays will be ordered, so be sure to grab yours while you can! :)